Eye Care in the Digital Age

Staring at a screen, especially for extended periods of time, can come at quite the cost: squinting (a reaction to both impaired vision and bright lights) causes wrinkles and blue light (from the sun and our screens) can cause photoaging, skin laxity (the deterioration of collagen and elastin) and hyperpigmentation (brown spots). Blurred vision is another symptom of excessive blue light exposure, and can occur …

Lane 8 feat. Julia Church: Oh, Miles

Lane 8 (aka Denver-based DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein) taps Julia Church for vocals on “Oh, Miles,” out now via This Never Happened. Atmospheric and engaging, the track incorporates roaring synths, crescendoing drum patterns and floating sonic elements. Church’s ethereal vocals match the otherworldly instrumental, making the track both comforting and hypnotic.

Circular Systems’ Waste-Based, Multi-Purpose Material, AgraLoop BioFibre

A new natural fiber capable of replacing cotton, born from food waste

Circular Systems co-founder and CEO Isaac Nichelson jokes that his company’s newest product, the Agraloop BioFibre, is a treasure crafted from trash. Quite literally, it is. Food waste from a handful of regions enters the Agraloop, where it is worked into fibers and yarn fit for use in clothing, upholstery, paper, packaging and beyond. This system lets the company tap into the seemingly endless stream …