From The Ground Up Gluten-Free Snacks

Cauliflower-based pretzels and crackers that actually satisfy

At last, pretzels made for gluten-free and vegan snackers. From the Ground Up snacks are made from cauliflower and cassava flour—the product of a dried and ground cassava root (a tropical root vegetable that looks something like the lovechild of a potato and a coconut). The snacks are delicious (with the mildest cauliflower aftertaste), low in calories and carbs, and, most importantly, service a subset …

France to Ban Smartphones at Schools

It began in 2017: French officials imposed a law that limited how frequently and in what manner employers may contact employees outside of office hours. Now, the French government is setting their sights on schools. Smartphone-less students, they believe, will improve classroom efficiency, effectiveness and, on a broader level, preserve the “sanctity” of the classroom and learning experience. This new law will, however, make “exceptions …

Vulnerability and Creativity: North Face Designer Ruth Beatty

As a part of The North Face’s #SheMovesMountains campaign, senior designer Ruth Beatty answered questions at Salt Lake City’s Ladies Literary Club—a historic women’s club. The campaign is the brand’s first global initiative focused on women—and, the conversation with Beatty dives deep into gender, creativity, empathy, and fear. Rather than a weakness, Beatty says, “Vulnerability is exciting.” Watch the full video on YouTube.