Black Milk: I Guess


Ahead of his upcoming tour—happening thanks to his 2014 album If There’s A Hell Below—rapper/producer Black Milk (aka Curtis Cross) has released the predictably solid “I Guess.” Like much of Black Milk’s music, the track seems entirely effortless while being meticulously layered. As he says, “You could say I’m in the zone, I guess.”

Porn Parodies of Oscar-Winning Films

For every Oscar-winning film seen on the big screen, there’s most likely a porn-a-fied, parodied version playing on a computer screen in someone’s bedroom. These parodies have long been an integral part of the porn industry, dating back to the ’80s. Hopes and Fears did the dirty work for us by digging up gems like “Schindler’s Lust,” “Foreskin Gump,” “Titanic Tits” and more in their …

Jill Scott: You Don’t Know

Jill Scott’s newest song “You Don’t Know” is a heartbreaking, bluesy ballad that’s entirely full of feels. Originally recorded by Carl Hall in 1967, Scott’s version sees Questlove on drums and Adam Blackstone (who has worked with everybody from Kanye West to Justin Timberlake and Al Green) on bass. The accompanying video is drenched in anguish; the band performs in a dark bar with Scott …