Kinny Stereo Acoustic Guitars

Add new dimensions to guitar recording with Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic guitars, which use two sound holes to create a richer, more dynamic sound. The mammoth design, both intriguing and off-putting, is reminiscent of harp-guitars employed by innovative musicians Andy McKee and Michael Hedges. The two holes, oddly positioned toward the musician in lieu of his audience, separate the resonant bass tones from the twangy …

Brand X Video Shorts Call for Entries

The LA Times' up-and-coming new-media site Brand X is hosting a video competition (that we're judging) to explore what it means to be a next-gen Los Angeleno. Shape your creative vision in a three-minute or less video exposé by this Friday, 12 June 2009 and enter to win a featured showing at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. We'll see you there.