Taking inspiration from the king of pop art's "resourceful imagination, restless curiosity, and skewed sense of humor," Andy Warhol 15, a collection of new Seiko watches, draw on Warhol imagery to create a wristwear series that's as vivid as the original artworks—and maybe even slightly more ironic . Most innovative are packs of three that, as a whole, make a single image (either a Campbell's soup can (pictured) or a daisy), but also function as colorful abstractions on their own. Others include glow-in-the-dark details, bold, chunky shapes to match the pop graphics, and many are water-resistant. From $75 at Andy Warhol 15. Also on Cool Hunting: Watchismo, Any Warhol "Giant" Size, Denim Hokusai, Blow Job Puzzle Card, S2A Belts

Sweet Meats Plushies

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Thinking of You Pillow

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Like artist Barbara Kruger’s more traditional work, this canvas pillow makes an oblique pairing of a dramatic black and white image with a cliché phrase. The characteristic Kruger effect—canceling out any heavy-handedness with humor before it even begins to feel pedantic—is a wry comment on domesticity and family. Available exclusively from the Whitney for $30, as a gift, it’s the most artful guilt trip out there.

Double Balloon Whisk

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While fancy electric mixers costing hundreds show up on many a bride-to-be's registry, cream whipped by hand has a more velvety texture and just tastes better. Any cook with an overdeveloped forearm will appreciate the ingenious design of these 12" sizes from Amazon.

Monogrammed Steak Brand

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What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a branded meal? Hand forged in Texas, these personalized irons are for any cook whose cuisine is so good that it deserves a name of its own. Available with two or three initials, each 11-1/2" brander comes with its own mounting rack for display. Order one to celebrate Independence Day next year from Williams-Sonoma for $40.

Like a cross between Duchamp and Archie McPhee, the French company Atypyk makes witty, conceptual gifts that play on everyday objects. My personal history with the company dates back to 2003 when I visited their Paris studio and Ivan Duval (one-half of the Atypyk team) regaled me with stories and sent me home with a Cowstick, a sticker kit that transforms a refrigerator into a cow. Founded in 1999, the company has a trove of products worth checking out, but Kill Time book, full of doodle-like "exercises" (images Daily 2.3.5 (tel. (212)-334-9728).

Our friends at Mimoco have come up with a fun and useful accessory for their Mimobot line of USB storage devices. The Mimobot Hoodie is a soft case for your Mimobot that protects the paint job and adds a key loop. They'll begin shipping next week for $9.95 each or $5 if purchased with a Mimobot. Pre-order here.

Alexander Girard Textiles Reissued

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Denimbirds Underwear

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Yoko Ono might not know it, but she is, apparently, the embodiment of Denimbirds philosophy. The newish women's clothing line–little sister to famed Swedish denim label Nudie Jeans–has a few words about the infamous artist/Beatles wife on its glossy, bird-themed web site: "For John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a real bird – independent, strong and with a free spirit." Clothing," it continues, "should be fun and creative, a way to feel free in body and soul." Perhaps with that enigmatic message in mind, designer Maria Erixon has included in Denimbirds' 2006 Spring/Summer collection eight different pairs of (don't worry, non-denim) underwear. The hip-hugging briefs come in a variety of different colors and prints, including–keeping with the 1960s theme–paisley and a few flower-power worthy florals. For those who like it simple, there are four solids to choose from, too. (They're available for €35 from Kitchener) . There are also ladies' tank tops in similar styles, so underclothes aficionados can mix and match. by Anna Oberthur

Howies Merino Wool Boxers

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Be ready for those extra hot summer days with these ultra-fine Merino wool Stones Boxer Shorts by Howies. Don't let the wool fool you—they're super-light weight and have an itch-free subtle rib construction that regulates temperature, resists odor build-up, and wipes away the moisture as they're worn. Available in cream or navy for £35 from Howies.

Bijules Black Diamond Bar Ring

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Known for jewelry featuring grenades, machine guns, and a usable coke straw, New York designer Bijules is taking a slightly tamer direction with her latest accessory, a black diamond and gold bar ring. Slipped on one finger, the sharp tapered points stretch across the hand, updating the classic brass knuckles with a much more glam touch. $3500 from Bijules.

Using simple radio frequency signals, RadarGolf takes (most of) the frustration out of golfing. A handheld finder tracks a proprietary microchip embedded in a ball that otherwise is equal to regular golf balls in every way. Within a range of 30-100 feet, the LCD screen's visual feedback and an audio tone gets stronger as it's closer to the ball. Included protective pouches shield balls that aren't in use from being detected. Check out another product shot after the jump and pick it up for $250 from RadarGolf or Amazon.

Breakfast in bed becomes a lot more practical and fun this spring with the arrival of Lappers. These ergonomically designed melamine trays with unique indentations for plates and glasses come with interchangeable silicone mats that keep dishes secure and provide a myriad of contrasting color combinations. The trays have large handles, are dishwasher safe, and nest into each other for convenient storage. Lappers are made by Archer Innovations. Contact them via email (lappers [at] belsouth [dot] net) or telephone (+1 (706)-289-5736).

The new book titled Hoopla, full of dynamic images and insightful descriptions, is the first to fully deconstruct the freewheeling, visionary agency of Crispin Porter + Bogusky—the firm that brought a new meaning to thinking outside of the box by redesigning the box itself. USA Today hailed them as "the ad world's most talked-about agency" and Business 2.0 called them "the next big thing" as they launched the MINI car craze in America, took on Big Tobacco in the controversial "truth" campaign, sexed up Virgin Airlines, and put the sizzle back in Burger King. Now veteran journalist, Warren Berger who has tracked the CP+B phenomenon over the past decade, reveals the mystery behind the madness. Hoopla also includes practical advice on how to find and promote big ideas and generate excitement around them in today's increasingly cluttered world. Due out August 2006, pre-order it from Amazon ($45).

I am…accessories

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As the search for thoughtful Mother's Day gifts heats up this week, I am…accessories provide a fashionable solution. The Angry nameplate necklace allows women to reply to those who ask that they're angry that breast cancer is still a huge and growing problem among women around the world, while proceeds from the jewelry, available in sterling, gold plate, and 14kt gold, go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. Additional nameplates will soon be available, including the words brave, calm, and i am. Starting at $38 from I am..accessories.