Transmaterial is a catalog of materials, products and processes that are redefining our physical environment. Edited by Blaine Brownell, the project started as a product of the week newsletter sponsored by the Seattle based architecture firm NBBJ. This incredibly comprehensive guide is as beautiful as it is informative. The entire 186 pages is available at as a downloadable .pdf file.

Jason Murray

Jason Murray's photography is getting me stoked for winter. Raised on saltwater, skinned knees and a healthy appetite for exploration, he's been both witness and active participant in the evolution of the boarding universe. He covers a lot more surfing than snowboarding, but that's inspirational as well. Also be sure to check out Concussion, the SK8 mag Jason collaborates on.

Jenny Holzer at Helmut Lang

Despite the hardly audible tst, tst. sir… no photo, s'il vous plaît of the uptight shop keeper, I was able to grab a shot of one of Jenny Holzer's latest pieces. The tickering text light artist has outdone herself this time by integrating an LED sculpture in to the handrail alongside a staircase. Installed in the almost one year old Helmut Lang Paris shop, this …