Tim Bavington

The latest series from Vegas based artist, Tim Bavington, is up at Mark Moore. Bavington's luscious air brushed stripes are said to be derived from rock and roll guitar riffs– as such, they are an abstracted data visualization. Rockin-techno-fab! Here are some shots of the installation, courtesy of the artist:

Ryota Kuwakubo

Ryota Kuwakubo is a Japanese artist and designer who's work fuses tech, function and aesthetic. The pieces are simple, but provocative and take the form of spaces, sculptures and jewlery. His portfolio site is pretty fantastic as well. via Joel at Gizmodo

Thriller -In Lego

Lego Goes to Hollywood features stop motion animation of Lego scenes. The nuttiest, by far, is Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's quite true to the original 80's video. download the video here