Another fun ITP project! Pacmanhattan is a live-human Pac Man game played around Washington Square park. Ah the joys of Academia in the Spring… 11 May Update A few hysterical videos from the games and some press coverage, available here.

Look-Look Youth Invasion Tour

The Look-Look Youth Invasion Tour is coming to NYC this weekend. The Tour is a traveling art exhibit curated by Aaron Rose featuring the work of young photographers and artists from Look-Look Magazine installed in and around a vintage Airstream trailer. May 1, 2004 Virgin Megastore 14th and Broadway New York, NY 2 PM Free ***Note: Electrocute will also be performing with Peaches at Irving …

Earth Day / Human Descent

Yes. We should all recycle more plastic, waste less water, and conserve energy resources. But that's stuff we should do every day. On Earth Day, I think we should stop to ponder how life on earth is evolving– especially considering the increasing role technology plays in evolution. Check out the crazy digital photo art at Human Descent to get a little food for thought.