Loft Cube

Loftcube is a prefab(ulous) 40 square meter rooftop studio designed by Werner Aisslinger. via mocoloco (where there are more pictures)

Dok Lok

Dok Lok is project from Steven Walsh that won the Silver prize in the Taiwan International Design Competition 2003. Just learning about it now, I'm behind in my game. Regardless, it's a great concept in convenience. You can use your cell phone browser to locate and reserve a bike lock, then when you get there simply activate and deactivate the lock via Bluetooth.

Ava Computers

AVA Computers, founded by Adrian Anz, builds custom computers. From guts to casing, every component is hand picked for each customer. AVA uses gold, leather and other fine materials to create a computer, display, keyboard and mouse to suit your personal taste. Check out the tricked out samples on their site. via Daily Candy


All my friends with babies complain about the lack of nicely designed furniture for their kids. Well… Nest, by Bug Design might be the start of a new trend. It is, by far, is the best looking piece of baby furniture I have ever seen! But don't let the good looks fool you, it has all the stability and functionality you'd want in a high …

Translucent Concrete

Aron Losonczi has invented translucent concrete by adding fiber optic material to the traditional concrete mix. Dubbed Litracon (light transmitting concrete), the material should be commercially available by the end of the year and has the potential to revolutionize construction. Read via Gizmodo