No doubt the most playful and light hearted exhibitors at ICFF were the San Francisco based, nights-and-weeekends collective LIFT. They presented OOH OOH, a larger than life upholstered gorilla that disassembles to become three comfy loungers. Lounging above are LIFT's Nick Cronan, Eric Bergman, and Pichaya Puttorngul (left to right).

Flight 001 Spacepak

Short of vacuum sealing your clothes, there's no better way to make the most of your suitcase than being well organized. Some of us do this naturally, while others can use a little assistance. For the latter Flight 001 has introduced the Spacepak Line of 6 bags to go in your bags. I flew to LA yesterday and used the Clothes Pak and the Shoe …

ICFF Preview: Didi Dunphy’s Embroidered Long Board

Under the label Modern Convenience, Didi Dunphy aims to "bring the 'free time' of recess indoors and reintroducing play through sculptural elements." Last year at ICFF she did just that with the Indie Skate upholstered skateboard (left). This year she has evolved the deck to include an embroidered pattern (right) further exploring the potential in details when converting a toy to a piece of furniture.