iPod Cozies

While these hand made iPod cozies from Chuckles Central are more on the cute than cool, I still think they're great. via Design Sponge

Gift Guide Latest: Pucci Puppy

Did you know that the Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting Gift Guide is updated every day? Today's addition is this groovy Pucci inspired dog collar for $48. Get the gift guide for more information on this collar and other great gift ideas.

Recycled Paper Vase

Most designers I know (myself included) read an enormous amount of magazines for both research and pleasure. A rather displeasing side-effect is the hideous amount of paper waste that results from this habit. Lekkerhome has a solution: hand crafted vases made from used design magazines. Yes, they are waterproof. via Treehugger 12/9 UPDATE: I've heard these vases are sold out and the artist will not …