Dunk Mug

Who doesn't love a little biscuit to dunk in his coffee? Dominic Skinner must because he designed this mug to hold them neatly inside the bottom. He was even smart enough to make right and left handed versions so there's no worry of losing your cookies while taking a sip. £14 at Mocha (sold out until January) via Urban Spy

Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct recently opened up in France and was inaugurated by the French President Jacques Chirac. It was designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster. It's the highest bridge in the world measuring at 343 meters (1125.33 ft) and creates a direct route between Paris and the Mediterranean coast using only seven slender pillars. So the next time I find myself road trippin …

Visionaire + Kid Robot

What's new in the Gift Guide? Lots of stuff. Today's addition is the newest issue of the uber exclusive fashion magazine, Visionaire. Issue 44 is created in collaboration with Kid Robot and includes 10 different toys conceived by famous fashion designers. Read on about Visionaire 44 for free by clicking here, but to see the rest of the guide you'll have to buy in.