Winemaking Through Gravity at Martin’s Lane

A stunning, minimalist winery in the Canadian Okanagan Valley

Nestled in the stunning Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, the renowned Mission Hill Winery has just opened a new addition to its estate. As with the previous wineries at this location, Martin’s Lane is primarily designed by Tom Kundig, the Seattle-based, award-winning architect also known for his love of gizmos—something apparent in his design. Not only does his design impress, the wine is extraordinary …

Atlas Obscura’s Thoughtful “Bugsgiving” Takeaways

One may not be aware that the Thursday before Thanksgiving happens to be “Bugsgiving.” Writer Ella Morton dove into the holiday, at a 10-course banquet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, spearheaded by chefs Joseph Yoon and David George Gordon and part of the Brooklyn Bugs Festival. The edible insects were aplenty—as are her insights. From lotus chips with scorpions to pear salad with Changbai ants and so much more, Morton explored …

Tesco’s “Easy-Peel” Avocados

With a corkier skin than normal avocados, the EasyAvo aims to make peeling and consumption simpler—and safer. Developed by South Africa’s Westfalia Fruit and already sold at Tesco stores across the UK, these easy-to-peel items cost roughly $2.50. There are no plans yet to known to distribute them elsewhere. Read more at Grub Street.