Nike ESPO Air Force IIs

As noted earlier , the latest entries to the Nike Artist Series were set to drop yesterday. Apparently, people lined up outside of Niketowns across the country 24 hours in advance of their unveiling to get a chance to buy a pair of their own. Of the three designs, the ESPO Air Force II (pictured above) seems to be the biggest hit. More pictures and …

Nike Laser Set II

Pictures of the next set of Nike Lasers have surfaced over at Freshness . These are in addition to the ones that surfaced back in September . Round 1 at freshness Round 2 at freshenss

Nike Artist Series III

Set to arrive 3 January 2004 at most Niketowns, Alife Rivington Club, Nort, Stussy, Undefeated, and probably some more. The three designs are: ∑ NERD/Neptunes/Pharrell Dunk ∑ ESPO Air Force 2 ∑ Halle Barry Air Rift via freshness where there are more pix