More Dunk High Pros

I'm trying not to turn in to a Nike Dunk head, but with crazy limited editions like these, how can I not? The Bees (top) and Heavens (bottom) are reported to be part of the forthcoming Lucky series. Check 'em out over at 5th Dimension.

La Fraise

La Fraise is a Frenchie geek T-shirt shop with lots of cool designs featuring total tech-dork humor. There are some gaming and Japanese themed designs as well. $20 – 25 each. buy some now.

Green Havens and Pink Dunk Lows

Freshness has pics of the newest Nike Air Zoom Haven Bs (my favorite) and some pretty pink Dunk Lows. The Havens are said to be out toward the end of the Summer and the Dunks may in fact be out now.