14 Megapixels

Phil Askey reviews the new 14 Mega Pixel (Wow!) digital SLR from Kodak (and Nikon). The DCS Pro 14n is available now, but in limited quantities.The introduction to Phil’s Article: Kodak announced the DCS-14n at Photokina in September 2002, it marked the first Kodak Professional digital SLR since the DCS 720x in June 2001 (15 months). The DCS-14n generated a lot of interest for several …

Marc Newson Mobile

A Marc Newson designed mobile phone, the Talby, made its debut recently at a Japanese trade show . The design is aesthetically forward and fun, but I question how usable the product will be. A recent ZD Net Japan article gives the review (if you don’t speak Japanese there are still some good pictures).

The New BMW 5 Series

BMW has released some pictures of the new 5 Series. It’s way hot. From the above linked site you can enter a contest to go to Germany and be one of the first people to drive one.