Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson announced 3 new phones today. The most exciting, the S700 (above), has a beautiful color screen and a nice high resolution camera. The S700 has a swivel design similar to the Motorola v70 and v80. In the continuing the trend of form defining function, the S700 looks and feels a lot like a regular digital camera when closed and a regular mobile phone …

Medium Goes Mini

The medium format camera manufacturer Rollei has announced it will be releasing a miniature and digital version of it’s medium format cameras. Out in Japan first but will hopefully be available worldwide soon, more details (in Japanese) can be found here. This is sure to be a success with the Lomo crowd, and should spawn a trend of waist high photos.

Motorola MPx

Some new pictures of the Motorola MPx surfaced today. I really like the idea of this device -form defining function. Open it vertically, it's a phone, open it horizontally and it's a PDA. I just wish it didn't use the Pocket PC OS which is so un-user-friendly. I'm also very curious to see the buttons up close. How usable and intuitive are they??