New Apple Displays

Months after releasing the new G5, Apple has finally created a matching update to their display line. The 20, 23, and 30 inch wide format displays all boast a minimalist design with aluminum casing. Additional features like integrated USB and Fire Wire, one cord from the display that splits behind the desk and the ability to mount it on the wall bring this new line …

iPod Slider

This concept iPod design from Knutmo via Gizmodo is my favorite so far. The slider makes the device nice and compact while protecting the screen. This, to me, would be an elegant evolution– not something overly complicated. Here are a bunch of other concept iPod designs.

Atari 10 in 1

This has been around for quite awhile, but I figured I'd post it anyway. Remember Atari? Of course you do. Now 10 of their most popular retro video games have been loaded in to an original style Atari game controller that you just plug directly in to the TV. No console necessary. Games include Breakout, Centipede, Asteroids, Gravitar and more. $24.99 at Amazon