Sony HMP-A1 Personal Video Player

Sony's brand new HMP-A1 Personal Video Player is pretty slick, for a personal video player. I'm not yet convinced people are going watch TV and movies on a 3.5 inch screen. Remember the Watchman? Exactly. What makes more sense is having a color screen on an MP3 player with the ability to store and review digital photos.

Siemens Cancels Xelibri

Now that Siemens has cancelled the Xelibri line of fashion phones, they may actually become cool to those who seek stuff that no one else has. Maybe. Keep an eye on Ebay for price increases– at the moment they are going for 60 – 100 GBP.

Inside Gordon

Gordon recently had a chest scan by an Electron Beam Tomography scanner. The first time I saw these images I thought I was looking at plates from a medical text book– they're incredible. I had no idea such advanced medical imaging was readily available. There are more pictures along with his post.