All Day Buffet Feast Conference


Exploring the ever-increasing way creativity in business impacts the world in a positive way, the All Day Buffet Feast conference explores this cross-disciplinary concept by celebrating the people who do it. With philanthropic speakers like poker player Annie Duke, grammy-nominated musician Kenna and athletic entrepreneur Brian Bordainick, to name a few, the roster makes clear that any type of person can effect change in a meaningful way, no matter their profession.


The Feast is an inspiring open dialogue about social innovation, realizing our full potential and working together to create the kind of economy where needs are filled, not created. The goal is to put a system in place that doesn't react mindlessly with the environment, but is instead harmonious with nature.

The conference will be held 1 October 2009 at the Times Center in New York City. Tickets are available for $250 from The Feast website.