Amos Goldbaum

Intricate line drawings from a San Francisco curbside king

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Discovered by chance on a recent trip to San Francisco, artist Amos Goldbaum caught my attention with his intricate line drawings that he applies using both traditional mediums and on t-shirts.

GoldbaumCameraSnorkeler.jpg GoldbaumSlothercise.jpg

Goldbaum started selling his drawings on the street about three years ago, and built up his curbside shop to include prints and t-shirts. He credits his mother, who “always put a pencil in my hand when I was bored.” When asked about the drawing of his grandfather Goldbaum explains, “He’s super wrinkly which is great for line drawings and he’s also a handsome dude. I usually draw him reading or watching TV. The one with the headphones, I drew while he was listening to his iPod.”


With hand-drawn geometric shapes, Goldbaum’s drawing of a Muni street car especially stands out in bright yellow. He adds, “The Muni train drawing I did to add to the already burgeoning number of Muni-related art and t-shirts out there. I wanted to do one of the old Boeing trains that I grew up riding. They had a great shape and sweet color scheme.”


Cardboard boxes inspired another series of drawings. Goldbaum collects interestingly shaped unfolded cardboard boxes that he uses as a ready-made frame or shield to draw on. Currently Goldbaum is working on a series of water-colored pen drawings inspired by old photos found online.

You can find Amos Goldbaum and his curbside shop, where he shills his wares on Market Street and by the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Follow his Twitter feed for real-time updates. His shirts, books and prints also sell his online shop.

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