Explore the beauty in everyday objects at United Photo Industries' group exhibition

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In the same vein as Sam Hecht and Kim Colin’s thought-provoking book “Usefulness in Small Things,” the group photo exhibition Anew explores the beauty in everyday objects. Opening today at United Photo Industries in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, the exhibit features nine photographers with an unconventional eye for revealing an underlying sense of magic in the otherwise banal. Focused on light, color, form and texture, each artist takes a unique approach to the subject at hand.

Anew_Stephan-Tillman-3.jpg Anew_Stephan-Tillman-4.jpg

While some photographers make their statement through bright, brilliant images of known objects, others like Berlin-based Stephan Tillmans choose to shoot the unrecognizable. Tillmans’ “Luminant Point Arrays” capture cathode-ray-tube televisions being switched off, resulting in a series of fading lights lasers reminiscent of a digital illustration pulled from TRON.


George Benson takes a similar approach by shooting cropped frames of color-coordinated record sleeves. The gradient of vertical lines is intriguing, challenging the viewer to figure out what it is. This ability to spark curiosity is what the exhibition is really about.


Curated by Feature Shoot founder Alison Zavos, Anew opens today at United Photo Industries and will run through 30 December 2012. For more information on the exhibition and its artists visit Feature Shoot.

Images courtesy of Feature Shoot