Cool Hunting Video Presents: Audio Dregs: Nugroove vol. 9

The man behind electronic music label (and CH collaborators) Audio Dregs shows off his Portland home and studio

This episode features E*rock, the musician and artist who co-founded the record label Audio Dregs with his brother nearly 10 years ago. In that time he has not only become one of experimental electronic music’s most important figures but also generously contributed many, many songs to early soundtracks of Cool Hunting’s videos. If you were watching back then and liked the melodic sounds you heard, Audio Dregs was probably responsible for them.

In this video, we visit him in his Portland home and studio, look at some of the album covers he designed, check out a zine he publishes, watch a few flash-based videos he directed and go on a bike ride. He also shares an unreleased track and weighs-in on headphone music, using digital tools and running a record label like an art collective.