BCXSY: Golden Glory


Eindhoven-based designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto operating under the studio name BCXSY, are creating some very concept-driven products. Their latest collection, Forever!, attempts to define the indefinable through a series of objects touching on preciousness, the nature of death and immortality.

One part of the Forever series that caught my attention was Golden Glory. A story of appropriation, the designers altered generic plastic objects by covering them in 23.75 karat gold leaf and arranging them in unique compositions. According to Boaz and Sayaka, “the concept behind Golden Glory is to explore the idea of a product's "value." Not even a century ago, "made in china" (or some other Far East land) would mean craft, precision and unique objects. Nowadays, generally speaking, it’s quite the opposite. What we did is take the cheapest, identity-less, meaningless, mass-produced plastic objects and through the hard work of hand gilding, and the re-arranging in unique and numbered (one-off) compositions, gave them a new exclusive identity." The resulting narratives, while defined by seemingly odd groupings, serve to release the plastics from the arena of the mundane. More info at BCSXY and images after the jump.