Hack2Work: Core77’s Essential Tips for the Design Professional


The indispensable design blog Core77 just launched an exhaustive help section called Hack2Work: Essential Tips for the Design Professional. Divided into five sections—Clients, Office, Staff, Process and Promotion—each contains dozens of tips, tricks and lifehacks for people who work in design fields.

Some interesting highlights from seasoned insiders include: "How to Make Your Client's Logo Bigger Without Making Their Logo Bigger" by Michael Beirut, partner at Pentagram (and, incidentally, partner-in-charge of the new Guitar Hero brand language); "How to Win a Design Competition" by Julie Lasky, editor of Change Observer; and "Beat the Clock" by Steven Heller, co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author program at the School of Visual Arts.

There's a veritable treasure trove of advice to be found in Hack2Work, so take a break from whatever you're doing and head over there right now.