Haute Sex II


In the first installment of Haute Sex we brought you luxury sensual products  that put the sexiness of good design back into sex toys. Our second installment includes a whole new crop of the latest innovative erotic accessories that deliver the goods without the sleaze factor.

Kiki de Montparnasse
Launched in May 2006, Kiki de Montparnasse offers exquisitely-designed luxurious products that are the ultimate embodiment of Haute Sex. With an elegant Soho Flagship store and plans to expand to other cities in addition to an online store, Kiki de Montparnasse brings class and sophistication to the intimate clothing and erotic accessories shopping experience. The store features a wide range of beautiful lingerie, jewelry and bath products alongside erotic toys, books, films, bedding and even some unexpected accoutrements like a selection of discreet cameras. The Instruments of Pleasure Department offers high-end sex toys featuring jewels and precious metals, like the Titanium Vibrator which is made from light weight hypoallergenic titanium and purports to be quiet as well as powerful ($450), and the Tension Set Cock-Ring with 5MM Cubic Zirconia, designed both for pleasure and to be worn as jewelry ($795). Some of our favorite items include the line of playful accessories like the silk and leather restraints and blindfolds, the all-encompassing Restraining Arts Kit ($595) and the Tickler Two-Way ($95), which brings new refinement to the concept of naughty and nice. Another favorite is the fragrance- and flavor-free Kiki de Monteparnasse lubricant; packaged in a bottle so beautiful you won't be embarrassed to leave it lying around. Available in both water or silicone-based versions, 3.5 fl oz. runs $40.

The Cone
A new innovation in adult entertainment, The Cone (below left) has a contemporary non-phallic, hands-free design that can appeal to both men and women looking for something different in the bedroom. Made from firm pink silicone the multi-use Cone boasts a powerful 3-volt motor, 16 automated programs and a high-intensity orgasm button for the less patient. $140 from Blowfish.


Formulated by scientists to mimic "the scent of a woman," Vulva (above right) is a new fragrance designed to play on the uniquely powerful olfactory sense. Though it caused quite a stir at CH HQ, we can't say it actually fulfills its promise—but the spicy, musky aroma does have a distinctly human quality that's slightly unpleasant and attractive at the same time. €20 from Vivaeros.


Je Joue
Je Joue the self-described "sensual essential for the iPod generation" was designed by award winning product designer Geoff Hollington with a mission to "bring the aesthetic and technological excellence of the mobile phone and laptop markets to women’s sensual products." Pre-programmed with 10 different digital foreplay "Grooves," the handset includes simple-to-use software—or "PleasureWare"—for composing your own patterns which can later be downloaded directly to the Je Joue's microchip. Grooves can be created on any computer with PleasureWare (which can be downladed from Je Joue's site) and then emailed to your partner. Featuring an innovative Pleasurepad that moves up and down, in a circle or left and right at varying speeds and intensity levels (depending on the Groove you’ve chosen or composed), the Je Joue comes with an included carry pouch for £124.


MasterClass: Sex Toys
For those with questions and concerns about sex toys and their usage Dee McDonald's MasterClass: Sex Toys is a graphic primer for the uninitiated. With photos illustrating answers to all the questions you never had the nerve to ask, McDonald's guide is thorough enough—she scoured the market and test-drove all the toys featured—to be useful for aficionados as well. Available from Atomic Books for $22.