Heya Hifi Records: Music and Food


Have you ever wondered what Giles Peterson likes to cook for his wife after a long day traveling the globe, deejaying and being a musical tastemaker for all the world? Try Spaghetti and Sea Urchins?!

Answering these questions, the dapper pair that is SUMO (aka Combo and Alf Tumble, pictured right) run the fabulous Heya Hifi Record label out of Sweden. Not only do they serve up a smooth and sexy blend of beats, but their website is also home to a veritable cookbook's worth of fancy food recipes, all contributed by some of dance music's elite. Want to know what kind of wine goes best with Rainer Truby's Fillet of Veal? Curious about how Dimitri from Paris managed to give his pasta that Japanese essence? It's all here.

Let's not forget about the music now. SUMO has been cooking up impeccably produced and endlessly funky remixes, or Rebounces, as the boys like to call them, for some time now on record labels like Raw Fusion and Compost. Meanwhile, 2006 saw the release of Combo & Alf's debut artist album, The Danceband, covering the full flavor spectrum of house, from old-school Chicago, to broken beat, to Afro-Latin spice. Vocalists Aaron Phiri and Clarisse Muvemba added a touch of sensuality to some already sweat inducing deep club bangers.


Their more recent output has a much harder edge, while still remaining playful and sexy. Under their Bangana alias, Combo and Alf turn out the analogue squelchers, while enlisting MC Ayesha for their recent 12" "Gravity" b/w "That's Erotic." And who better to remix "That's Erotic" than the booty-bass master himself, DJ Assault? For even more upfront fare, seek out Clarisse Muvemba's solo 12" "Roses" b/w "Time is Now," released 14 May 2007 and featuring a Bangana remix.

This and all back catalogue are available to buy on 12" from Juno Records or to download at: Beatport, Traxsource, and the iTunes music store.

by Jesse Mann