I Listen To Everything

by Tisha Leung


Thanks to Diana Miller's job booking music acts for Carson Daly's late night talk show, her blog I Listen To Everything has a broad scope and approaches music with an open mind and enthusiastic attitude. Offering lists of her favorite tracks culled from the large volume of music she checks out for the show, including established bands, unknown indie bands, artists to her own taste and otherwise, the site also features regular posts. As she stumbles upon music from new artists featured on the show, undiscovered bands and forgotten songs that she takes a shine to, they’re uploaded onto her blog for all to hear. Content also consists of artist profiles, reports on live shows and other thoughts on her music-related experiences, a strategy that deliberately aims for a non-threatening feel.

If all that isn't enough, Miller also puts her picks on iTunes, the latest of which is called “Into It..April 2009.†Others, like "Still Into It," "Not Annoying," and "Current Obsession," are all in the name of keeping your listening music library fresh. Quite a few excellent tunes—such as my current obsession, "Chillin by Wale," featuring Lady Gaga—can be heard on her blog but aren't available on iTunes, which can be quite frustrating.

Nevertheless, I Listen To Everything is an introduction to an easy-to-search, in-depth selection of music and artists you may never have heard of that can now become your favorites.