Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Artsy photographs of fashion week, a book cover archive, centuries of well-dressed gentlemen, and more


1. Turpan

With locations in East Hampton and Santa Monica, Turpan is a design shop showcasing tasteful contemporary and minimalist design pieces like Hermés tea cups and Japanese stationary
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2. New York Fashion Week: A Visual Essay

Photographer Tina Gao has shot a stunning series of photographs in black and white film that document New York Fashion Week in a truly artistic way.
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3. The Flour Art Museum

All those great vintage bags of flour you find at the flea market now have their own museum in Ahrensburg, Germany. Who knew that old flour bags could contain some of the quirkiest and culturally significant graphics of our time?
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4. The Book Cover Archive

Bookworms and designers alike will love The Book Cover Archive, an expansive archive of visually striking book covers for your viewing pleasure.

5. Danse Dance

Danse Dance is fun video that imagines a world where seemingly insignificant desk objects are set in to motion (stop motion, that is) and illustrates the process of what it took to make these objects appear to be dancing.

6. Thirty Retro Breakfast Cereals

The Food Section highlighted Now That’s Nifty‘s amalgamation of 30 retro breakfast cereals, providing both a visit to pop culture’s past and an excellent display of graphic and packaging design’s simple roots.

7. The Seventy-Five Best Dressed Men of All Time

Esquire gives a simple run through the history of the best dressed men. Beginning with the caveman, the spread runs the gamut from Mark Train to Jay-Z and finishes with Esky for an astute and witty interpretation of who shaped the modern man’s style of dress.

8. Why Brands Are Becoming Media

Author Brian Solis explains on Mashable the benefits of brands acting as their own media and how to successfully become an influential platform.