MarcoArt Mobile

NYC's latest food truck serves up a dose of zany pop art


Luz Azul, the NYC-based artist who goes by Marco, recently moved his gallery from the Lower East Side to the open road. Deciding to jump on the mobile vending movement to reach out to his customers rather than wait for them to come to him, the enterprising artist purchased a former food truck through Craigslist and for the past few months has been rolling around greater New York City hawking his works.

marcoartmobile2.jpg marcoartmobile3.jpg

New Yorkers will already be familiar with Marco’s ubiquitous murals and pop art portraits of original fictional characters in slapstick situations. His illustrations mostly feature a protagonist octopus named Ollie, but one that stands out includes a cartoon cop confronting a peanut with the phrase “Bust A Nut.” Marco’s works span $20-$500, depending on size, and come in hand-painted wooden frames.


In addition to his mobile gallery, Marco works with various charities and often throws children’s painting parties with proceeds also benefiting charitable organizations. We caught up with Marco at one of his stops where he explained he will soon launch a series of webisodes featuring celebrity interviews and paintings based on his interpretations of them, which he will also donate to charity.

To take a peek into Marco’s whacky and feel-good perspective toward life, track his whereabouts via his Twitter, marcoartmobile, or check out his online gallery.