Lyric Art: 200 Years of Warner/Chappell Music

Illustrated song lyric posters celebrate the music publishing giant's anniversary

stolenspace_lightout.jpg stolenspace_Moondance.jpg

With an impressive two centuries in business, Warner/Chappell is celebrating the spirit of their enterprise by doing what they do best—spreading the beauty of music. But in this case, rather than act as a publisher of songs, they instead tasked ten visual artists to dream up interpretations of their favorite lyrics. The result is a collection of images which reflect the emotions of the original work while bringing it into a completely new context.

stolenspace_lmr.jpg stolenspace_karmapolice.jpg

Warner/Chappell is donating its share of the income to charity, just another reason to purchase one of these striking posters, available from £90 through Stolen Space.