Cool Hunting Video Presents: Materials & Applications

Materials & Applications use a small Los Angeles courtyard to present innovative architectural experiments

Since 2002, nestled among boutiques and cafes in the popular Los Angeles neighborhood of Silverlake, Materials & Applications has been installing large-scale architectural exhibits in what amounts to a front yard. For episode 62, CH looks at some of the stunning works that have been shown there, from the attention-grabbing golden vortex of Maximillian’s Schell to last year’s interactive fountain piece. We also check out the current exhibition “Bubbles,” a collaboration between designers from
FoxLin Inc.
, and Brand Name Label, which features white teardrop-shaped inflatables that react to visitors bumping into them. We talk to architect Michael Fox (of FoxLin Inc.) about the concept and inspiration. Sitting down with Materials & Applications founder Jenna Didier and technical director Oliver Hess, we get the story behind their innovative space for experimental architecture.

Also, in this edition of Cool Hunting Video, like the previous two, we’re very pleased to include a soundtrack by Julio Monterrey of the Brooklyn-based duo Something In Spanish.