Maths Class

by Mat Lyon


Maths Class are the latest U.K. band exploring the intersection where Post-Rock, New Wave, Pop and (yes) Math Rock collide. From the shards of this genre car crash, they form a compelling racket that's chaotic and precise in equal measure, jerking between passages at super speed and challenging the listener to keep up. They walk a tightrope of technical ability, creative endeavor and melodic accessibility that makes for an exhilarating sonic tangle.

Their frenetic creativity also extends to their visual aesthetic. The band's photographs reference Dada cut-ups, presenting the band as a mangled mass of enlarged facial features; posters and artwork show the band's name spelled out in slashes of twisted material.


They are miles ahead of the current crop of Foals copyists, and they're carving out a live reputation to match their striking aural and visual identity. This is one Maths Class you'll be fighting to be at the front of. You can watch the video for their song "Nerves" above.