Odiseo Vol. 2

A sophisticated take on adult entertainment by Barcelona-based design shop Folch Studio


When viewing adult entertainment through rose-tinted glasses, the longstanding joke about “gentlemen’s magazines” is that the pictures are nice, but one subscribes for the articles. While we all know this is hardly the case with most newsstand nudie mags, the recently published Odiseo Volume 2 offers a more sophisticated take on the subject. Created by Barcelona-based design shop Folch Studio—also responsible for Apartamento and a number of other polished design and fashion publications—the small, hardcover magazine is comprised of “a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers.” In short, this is a case where written and photographic content really are equally compelling.


By balancing photo essays that toe the line of art and erotica with philosophical essays—separated by delicate images of colorful flowers—the issue delivers various levels of intelligent entertainment. Of this issue’s six contributors, photographer Jonathan Leder‘s black and white images of Amy Hood are the most visually compelling, and Eugenia Lapteva’s essay “A Hy(p)sterical World” is thought-provoking as well. The existential essay hits close to home by touching on the scrutinization of hipster clichés and the impact of technology on social relationships in Western culture.


While Folch Studio is sold out of Volume 2, the issue is still available from Antenne Books for a modest £8. For a better idea of the brilliance behind Odiseo, have a look at the beautifully psychedelic Volume 2 teaser that initially caught our attention. And be sure to keep an eye on Folch Studio in the coming months for Volume 3, set to publish November 2013.

Images by Graham Hiemstra