Reed & Rader: Notvideo

A Brooklyn art duo mixing fashion with augmented reality for creepy-beautiful moving images

reed-rader1.jpg reed-rader2.jpg

Pioneers in fashion photography, it’s difficult to imagine that Brooklyn-based team Reed & Rader started shooting digital photographs just one year ago. The trailblazers “highly believe that technology and the augmented world is the future”—a concept they implement no matter the medium. Currently part of the group exhibition “Shoot The Messenger” at NYC’s APF Lab, they shot their creepy animated “notvideo” on a common point-and-shoot digital camera.

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader met while in college and have spent the six years since then as the dynamic Reed & Rader team, now known for their cutting-edge convictions and discerning use of technology. Beginning with their augmented reality project “AR_YULIA,” (pictured below) they continuously create works that challenge current methods for both capturing and viewing reality. The pair look forward to the day when people aren’t restricted by fabrics, but rather, through the assistance of augmented reality it would seem like “you’re wearing amazing clothes, or even tentacles.”


With the future of print productions in constant question, Reed & Rader undoubtedly support online existence. Reed explains to CH that “As the medium of photography changes and images no longer need to be placed on paper—why is the medium still images—why can’t they move now? That is what excites us for the future.”

“Notvideo” is on view through 17 April 2010 at APF Lab.