Rostarr Shines in LA


Last Friday night, I zipped by BLK/MRKT to visit Rostarr as he was starting to install his solo show that opens this Saturday night. His works were spread out on the floor waiting to be hung, and I could tell that the show was going to be stellar.

For the last year or two, Ro has been working in a new direction that you may not have seen before. He's getting back to basics with his new black and white paintings. His work feels more personal and is looking more analog than digital. You can see the artist’s hand. He's showing the subtlety of the brushstroke.

The work is classic Ro, but it's a bit different. He has a language of forms, so fluid and elemental: Air, Earth and Water. His distinctive, personally inspired vocabulary of Eastern and Middle Eastern calligraphic strokes, beats, and shapes comes alive on the surface of his paintings and drawings.

And don't forget Fire… hot like the man, his art, and definitely this new show in LA; it's not to be missed.

Opening Reception, Saturday, March 18th, 6-10pm.
BLK/MRKT, 6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

Written in collaboration with JK5