Sewing Stories Collection


Step outside your everyday human world and imagine, if you could, the life of two parasites living large. Such is the premise behind the "Sewing Stories Collection," five Brazilian children's books chronicling the shenanigans of a perfect couple (a mite and flea named Glauber and Hilda).

Written by award-winning author Indigo, each book is illustrated by a famous Brazilian designer like Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rita Wainer, Fabia Bercsek and Marcelo Sommer.


Among the diverse tales, there's an adventure in which the parasites are enlightened by listening to philosophy from an old hippie; another involves chilling inside a surfer's hair before having to disembark when he applies an anti-flea treatment; and one tale has them taking up shack inside the fur of a female gorilla.


Unfortunately there's no English version of the books yet, but the fantastical pictures more than make up for it. Check the site next week to see the books online.