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Shin Tanaka: Kami Zoo


Known for his spot-on paper sneaker replicas, Japanese artist and designer Shin Tanaka has recently been applying his brand of nouveau origami to make animé-like creatures, which will be the subjects of his show Kami Zoo that opens tomorrow 17 August 2006 at Berlin's Less Rain gallery. Like his mock Air Force 1s and Bapestas, characters such as T-Boy (which was inspired by the way kids pull tees over their heads) are templates that Tanaka encourages others to construct and customize by offering them as free downloads on his website. For the show, Tanaka tasked other Japanese and European graffiti artists with making their own versions of his paper constructs. The exhibit's up through 30 September 2006. See more images here.

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Kami Zoo opens 17 August 2006 from 7:30-11pm
Less Rain Basement Gallery
Linienstrasse 154A
10115 Berlin
tel. 49 0 30 28 09 50 20


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