The Fine Line Benefit Art Exhibit


Organized around a mustache theme, the one-night group show "The Fine Line," brings together over 50 of today's premiere young artists in NYC to help Jamel_Shabazz_fineline.jpg

As a premise for an exhibition, the conceit makes for images that play on masculinity and cultural stereotypes to often humorous effect. Jamel Shabazz' photo of NYC police perched on a scooter (above) pretty much sums it up. We also have to give a shout to our own James Ryang, who makes a more subtle comment with his image (pictured top). And, for pure irony, check out Eric Yahnker (below left) and Stefan Marx (right). (Click images for detail.)

Skye Parrot's image (below) lends a feminine gaze to an image that feels both sinister and intimate.


To see how you can help, visit the Movember site.