The Working Couple’s Cookbook


The "Working Couple's Cookbook," by Peggy Treadwell, is a progressive 1970s book designed for the modern couple with simple recipes that explicitly show the breakdown of how two people can share the duties of creating a meal, whether "roomates, soulmates, playmates, or wedded mates."


The wonderfully dated book is full of easy-do-it recipes like baked chicken with spiced crabapples followed by chocolate pudding for dessert or marinated lamb chops with sliced tomatoes in French dressing. More exciting than the culinary inspiration of course are the illustrations by Craig Torlucci, whose bold graphics are the groovier predecessor to the work of art-machine working-couple-cookbook3.jpg

The first and only edition was published in 1971 so purchasing a new copy isn't an option, but originals are always have more charm anyway. For a couple that likes to cook or any fan of '70s colors and design, pick up a used one from Amazon.


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