Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Drunken revelries at the Times, state-of-the-art bathing, vintage models of brains, the newest music videos and more


1. Lady Gaga: Telephone

The highly anticipated follow-up to the pop giant’s music video “Bad Romance,” covered by On Smash, finds our Lady jailed in ripped tights, latex and caution tape. She gets sprung by Beyoncé, (whose music video Videophone last year featured Gaga) and the two cause general nonsensical mayhem and mass homicide in the spirit of “Kill Bill.”

2. Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness

Man on the Moon: The End of the Day, he seems to be trapped in an eternal couch to doorway to window-ledge purgatory until the plot-line devolves into a fog-heavy dreamscape populated by strangely-dressed women.

3. The Allure of the Automobile

Featuring a vintage Jag that belonged to Steve McQueen, The Moment checks out this upcoming exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta that examines changing attitudes about cars alongside the notable rides that inspired and challenged them.

4. Getting Drunk at The New York Times

Big Think catches up with famed writer Gay Talese, who describes the liquor-friendly, smoke-saturated atmosphere at the famed newspaper in the ’60s.

5. Beautiful Book Covers

The BibliOdyssey blog culls the best hand-bound book covers scanned from The National Library of the Netherlands, which has over 12,000 such books in its extensive collection. Neatorama uncovers this curio of beautiful and forgotten books.

6. The World’s Largest House of Cards

Professional card-stacker Bryan Berg built a replica of The Venetian Macao in 44 days with 4,051 cards without glue, tape or any other prop, breaking his own world record. The Daily Mail has photos of the wonder, an architectural study in balance and detail, built inside the hotel.

7. Radio-Guy

We Love You So
highlights Radio-Guy, a collector of old anatomical models of the brain and other wonderful vintage oddities which he sells on his website.

8. Factory 20

Thinking for a Living takes a look at another superb peddler of found objects, Sterling, VA-based Factory 20. Their website’s extensive collection features all kinds of furniture, art, and objects from time periods such as the Bauhaus and industrial eras. Quality photographs reveal each object’s inimitable qualities and heritage.

9. Aleksander Mukomelov: Infinity Bath

Definitive Touch recently covered the new contemporary designer bathtub by Aleksander Mukomelov. This high-tech soaking sensation comes with a built-in media console capable of playing music, infusing aromatherapy, and, of course, water jets.

10. Matthew Turley Photography

Yewknee points us to the portfolio of Salt Lake City-based photographer Matthew Turley, who skillfully captures landscapes and people in their most desolate state.