Three Stop Motion Animators


by Kyle Small

Almost since film's invention at the turn of the century, sma5.jpg



Leo Bridle
Probably less well-known, but no less talented, Leo Bridle has been making short stop motion videos in the U.K. for the past several years now. Creating everything from commercials to music videos and simple little stories, Bridle creates bold and imaginative worlds, often with tech-era themes. Two shorts that you should definitely check out are "Ultimate Media Centre" and "Still Life With Flowers." (Pictured above right.)

The Chase Factory
These up-and-comers may be still working out a few kinks in their animation style, but their latest piece, "Process Enacted" (somewhat of a YouTube sensation), is where they really start to shine. Combining a total of 987 Polaroids, this piece explores the themes of film's most basic element: the moving image. (Pictured above left.)

These are only a few of the many stop motion animators out there on the world wide web. We're glad to know that this unique and distinctive style isn't leaving us any time soon. For everyone here at CH I'd like to say, long live stop motion!