Daniel Loves Objects: At Your Command Lamps

by Laura Neilson


Art imitates life and form meets function with these adjustable, human-sized lamps by Daniel Loves Objects. Though they're not available for purchase yet, the gold-plated cast metal mannequins-turned-lamps are a whimsical reminder that even the most everyday objects can break out of their mundane archetypes to take on new appearances.


The movable mannequins come in two sizes, 1.7 meters (approximately 5.5 feet) and .80 meters (approximately 2.6 feet), and can be tilted and turned at every joint. The Singapore-based designer behind the line says that by adjusting the angles to whatever is ideal at that moment, the lamp becomes a "translation of man's inner thoughts and desires." The subsequent results might be "controversial, provoking or elegant."

A somewhat elusive individual who prefers to be recognized by his work than his full name, the designer, who also specializes in illustration and print design, conceptualizes his creations with an interactive aspect in mind. His goal is to endow the user with some form of remembrance as he or she relates with it. That said, consider these lamps unforgettable.

The lamps are not yet in mass production. For more information, visit the Daniel Loves Objects Coroflot page.
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