Bike Rides Exhibition


The upcoming exhibit "Bike Rides" brings together a global cast of artists to celebrate pedal power at a time when the developed world is reclaiming the ubiquitous two-wheeled wonder as a possible savior for our urban transportation woes. We refer, of course, to the trusty bicycle. As the sun sets on the auto age, the work in the show speaks to the increasing cultural relevance of the vehicle.

Established visual and conceptual artists like Brazilian Jarba Slopes (see his work pictured at right) , Israeli Guy Ben-Der and Tom Sachs joined forces with with talented up-and-comers like Brooklyn-based Jonathan Brand (that's his fiberboard bike below).


The end product makes for a multimedia showcase of cycles crafted by individual artists, some making a statement, others simply forging their ideal ride. Because after all, cycling is fun and deserves honoring—this exhibition aims to capture that spirit.

The man-behind-the-curtain of all this is bike advocate and former Talking Head David Byrne.

Bike Ride
26 September 2009-3 January 2010

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
258 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877 map

tel. +1 203 438 4519