Blakebrough + King Incense Kit

A modern take on the oftentimes kitsch item, handmade from stainless steel and copper

IncenseHolder-2.jpg IncenseHolder-1.jpg

With a delicate elegance, much like the aromatics it carries, Blakebrough+King’s Incense Kit holds each ceremonious stick upright with class and style. Handcrafted from the home/workshop of Australian design duo Ben Blakebrough and Sarah K, the object demonstrates both attention to detail and the power in variation—as the copper stripe in each piece differs in each piece. Every holder is created to be clean and refined, while maintaining evidence of the maker’s hands.

Incense has been revered for its spiritual and meditative usage, but has been a more common fixture in homes everywhere for decades, burned purely for pleasure. At only 10mm squared in width, and a height of 25mm, this unobtrusive holder manages to convey so much while taking up very little space. It’s pretty, sturdy and adds a unique touch of personality to the oftentimes bland or kitsch holders. Blakebrough + King’s other design objects include broom handle and wood chairs, and even wooden toy dolls, all of which have been constructed with the same meticulous attention and imagination, in their space in the southern highlands of New South Wales.

The Blakebrough + King Incense Kit, which includes the holder as well as Japanese cedar incense, is available online for $65.

Images courtesy of Blakebrough + King