Morphosis Gamma Whirlpool Bath


With eye-catching design and advanced sensorial elements, the Morphosis Gamma is at the pinnacle of relaxation technology. The Morphosis line, which includes Alpha and Sigma models, was designed by Pininfarina, best known for designing cars at Ferrari. The Gamma's unique proportions allow it to fit in tight quarters, while providing the user with multiple seating orientations. It combines back and body jets to deliver a number of different hydrotherapy configurations.

The Gamma's defining feature, though, is the Cromodream technology. This element offers five varying light hues, each designed with a specific curative effect. Blue, for example, is said to have a soothing effect on the central nervous system and promotes restful sleep, while red stimulates the appetite and psychological-physical recovery. The light emanates from the upper canopy as well as from light fixtures mounted underneath the water. The effect is a complete immersion in the hue of your choosing.

The Morphosis Gamma retails for $22,000. Take a closer look at the Morphosis line on its site.