Rhodia Meeting and Reverse Books


Rhodia's waterproof orange covers have long been the notebook of choice for creative types. The French brand's two new spiral bound options, Meeting and Reverse, are sure to win some followers as well. We're torn on the whole spiral vs. bound debate (spiral lays flat and flips around while binding slips into a bag easier), so we're glad to see Rhodia getting in on the game.

The reverse notebooks (above left) feature the same pleasing gridded paper that's found in their classic flip-style pads, but here the square shape lends itself to use in any direction (hence the name). It has perforated pages and is available in either a black (new for Rhodia) or orange coated cover for $7.50 from Alko or Wet Paint.

Like Behance's line, the pages of the Meeting series have a pre-printed layout to help organize thoughts with a section for notes and a sidebar for action. Also in black or orange (about the closest we'll get to a Halloween post today), they come in two sizes, 14.8cm x 21cm and 22.5cm x 29.7cm, for $12 and $17 respectively from Alko.