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Sexy Bachelor Pad: Designing for the Single Male

by Tisha Leung


The bold motto—"You bring her home. We'll make sure she stays."— drives the unabashedly masculine interior design firm Sexy Bachelor Pad. Aimed exclusively at single men who have reached the pinnacle of success but continue to come home to a futon from college and a cardboard box for a coffee table, the Sexy Bachelor Pad specializes in turning living spaces into, well, love nests.
“Bachelors in NYC know that Ikea furniture won’t do if they ever want to bring home the softer of the two sexes, but they’re busy and have no interest in traipsing through furniture stores, nor do they care about choosing between deep azure or military gray,” says designer Kimberlee Paige Hanson. After a consultation on your wants and needs, Hanson outfits pads with the essentials—from custom or store-bought dinnerware and furniture to any major or minor renovations, like fresh coats of paint or built-in shelving.


Believing that even a little bit of romantic effort goes a long way in impressing a woman, Hanson says by adding tasteful decorations, a woman will "be more comfortable, relaxed and more apt to stay for a nightcap."

To set up an appointment, visit the Sexy Bachelor Pad website.


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