Trove Wallcoverings

Recent tendencies toward decorative embellishments make it more acceptable to punctuate the room with a patterned wall and fortunately, a host of designers are readily filling the need. One such studio is Trove, a New York-based design duo comprised of Jee Levin and Randall Buck. Two accomplished artists, they set out to merge art, design, and craft in the wall coverings business. Founded in 2006, the earliest Trove collection was inspired by New York's century-old flower market, a now diminutive block in Midtown Manhattan. Recent designs include iO, a broad swath of cherry blossoms; Azha, a scattered group of moths; and Indi, a slightly chaotic assemblage of blackbirds created in tribute to Alfred Hitchcock (click each image above for an expanded view).

Trove produces these naturally inspired patterns using commercial grade paper, non-toxic wax-based coatings and UV resistant inks. Pushing the boundaries of traditional wallpaper design, their patterns stretch to an astonishing 12 feet in length, with widths either 33 1/2" or 67." A recent award recipient at this year's ICFF, Trove looks well positioned as the new boutique studio for discerning clients.