Three Exceptional NYC Bars in Unexpected Locations

Worthy food and drink adventures in lesser-wandered neighborhoods

New York City forever defies expectations. Strolling a different street on the way from work to one’s home can reveal a masked gem that’s been quietly entertaining for years. One subway stop from routine might be a perfect aesthetic match for drinking and dining. Brooklyn grabs plenty of global attention, and yet it’s just one borough in a city that extends beyond boroughs. While it’s impossible to chronicle every great venue, we crossed the path of the following three recently—and within, we found something unique, desirable and thoughtful. Whether you’re a local and need a change, or a visitor looking to venture beyond the norm, here are three options off the beaten path.

Hogshead Tavern


In the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of North Harlem, Hogshead Tavern serves up over 35 craft beers, including 20 on tap. Their impressive array of beer cocktails pairs quite well with a comfort-food-oriented menu—featuring a pig and dip sandwich and an otherworldly crispy pork belly and smoked gouda grilled cheese. From the crisp stainless steel beer taps to the precisely tiled walls, amidst plenty of seating, the vibe is relaxed but orderly.


The bar and restaurant also hosts monthly beer events with craft brewers for anyone interested in having a little knowledge served with their brew. Situated on several subway lines, it’s also just 25 minutes north of midtown. 126 Hamilton Place, New York City



For many New Yorkers, it’s hard to comprehend the fact that a different state is one brief stop away on inexpensive public transportation. Regardless of the preconceptions people carry, Jersey City is just as much a part of the city as any other deeply connected destination—and the brand new cocktail venue Dullboy is a solid example.


Launched by the folks behind West Village speakeasy The Garret, Dullboy offers the same care and quality regarding signature craft cocktails, while providing an eclectic, literary-tinged environment. It’s the first of its kind in the neighborhood and a welcome addition. And with a food menu incorporating oysters, avocado toast and even BLT tacos, they aim to please beyond the drink options. 364 Grove Street, Jersey City

Ted’s Corner Tavern


Murray Hill is within walking distance from Midtown, Chelsea and Gramercy—and yet, if you don’t live in the area, most people don’t find themselves there. It’s clean, can be rather quiet and plays host to many residential buildings. And among it all sits Ted’s Corner Tavern with 32 beers on tap and excellent Mediterranean fare.


As for decor, the bar’s owner Ted (who is a veteran restaurateur in NYC) graced the walls with over 30 framed images of famous Teds. It’s eccentric and charming, and matches a warm, welcoming energy that reflects the upscale but cozy tavern feel. Ted’s also offers programming, be that whiskey tastings or game nights. There’s also a signature cocktail menu. Ted’s has just about everything one could want in a cozy yet upscale neighborhood pub. 523 Third Avenue, New York City

Images courtesy of respective venues